I expect you to know your place. If I am to see you, you must be well-mannered and courteous. These are my expectations:

  • Address Me as Mistress or Miss Cruz.
  • Only contact me to introduce yourself and to schedule a session. Provide exact dates/times you are available for a phone interview as well as dates/times you are available for a session.
  • If you just want to let Me know that you are thinking of Me, visit My wishlist. If you wish to know more about Me, visit My blog or ask me questions during a session.
  • During a call, I expect your full and undivided attention. DO NOT multitask when speaking to Me.
  • Tribute will be presented to Me at the start of the session. DO NOT negotiate with Me. If you are seeing Me for the first time, an initial deposit will be required.
  • Always be on time for My sessions. If you believe you will be late, you will give me as much advanced notice as possible.
  • Always be well groomed when coming to see Me. Good hygiene is mandatory.
  • DO NOT ask Me about sexual services of any kind.
  • DO NOT offer Me more tribute to do something I have already told you I will not do.
  • DO NOT ask to see Me outside of a session. If I wish to see you, I will let you know.