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I am very selective in who I play with. I love what I do, and I only do sessions that will be fun for Me with submissives I enjoy having in My presence. I have a thorough screening process in which I gauge compatibility, availability, and chemistry.

That being said, I prefer attentive and exceptionally courteous submissives who know themselves and what they want, who want to please Me and give Me what I want, and who are transparent and communicate honestly and openly with Me. I also favor service-oriented submissives, heavy masochists, and of course, rope bondage lovers.

All communication with Me will be kept strictly confidential. I will always respect your privacy, limits, and boundaries.

  • Supply 3 dates and times after your phone interview dates.
  • Supply 3 dates and times.
  • Note: Rope suspension and/or elaborate bondage requires a 2 hour minimum.
  • Do you consider yourself a heavy masochist? Do you like sting? Thud? Do you prefer sensation play, rather than pain?
  • List any medical and/or psychological conditions I need to be aware of and/or make accommodations for.